The Buildings of Horsham

The Causeway, Horsham

There are some wonderful old buildings in the town of Horsham. I love to wander from the town hall along The Causeway, past the museum towards St Mary’s Church. The houses are beautiful and the tree lined lane is peaceful as it only leads to the church. I’ll be investigating the history of these buildings and reporting back for the blog.

Then there’s the Carfax right in the centre of town. I believe this name means the meeting places of roads. Here you’ll find some lovely ancient buildings like the old pub and hotel, mixed with more modern buildings which are now luxury apartments. It’s an attractive area, housing the blue and white bandstand and providing a lovely outdoor area for gatherings like the turning on of the Christmas lights and memorial services.

From the Carfax you can walk along East Street, which now houses many restaurants in the old buildings, many of which used to be shops. In the opposite direction you find West Street and the whole comes together in a unique and interesting West Sussex town.