Horsham Tree Surgeons

The tree surgery experts at Horsham Tree Surgeons are an experienced team who operate all around the area, out to Pulborough, Burgess Hill, Ockley and Crawley. They take pride in their profession and have done some great work for me. I’ve recommended Horsham Tree Surgeons to a lot of friends and they have all been pleased with the quality of work and the price.

One of the things I look for when choosing tree care is a regard for safety! To my mind it’s super-important that workers are mindful of the damage they can cause to themselves and to others, as well as buildings and other plants. I’ve seen too many casual guys who simply pick up a chainsaw and start hacking away without minimising the risk of accidents happening. So I’m always on the lookout for companies that have a strict code of ethics and safety.

A wonderful old yew tree in a churchyard

We had a sad old tree removed from our garden a couple of years ago. One thing I hate is to remove trees unnecessarily, but unfortunately this one had become dangerous and there was no way of saving it. It’s actually quite an art to undertake tree removal without causing damage to anything around. First they climbed the tree and took off branches, carefully lowering the larger ones to the ground rather than just throwing them as I’ve often seen happen. They got rid of those branches as they worked, to keep the area tidy and free of hazards. Eventually a very unhappy looking trunk remained and this was removed by a couple of guys who had obviously done it before! Great team work and a pleasure to watch.

In our case we wanted stump removal to leave the area clean and ready for replanting. So the guys used specialist machinery to remove the tree stump entirely, then they back-filled the large hole to leave the lawn intact. Finally a couple of strips of turf were added and rolled down. All we had to do was to keep the area watered so the turfs bedded themselves in and grew to turn the whole area green with new grass.

Once the bigger jobs were done, we needed some tree pruning so all our trees were inspected and pruned to remove any dead wood and to improve the health and shape of the trees. Again an art and we are enjoying the results of their labours!

A great job and we supplied tea and coffee to keep them happy!