Horsham Builders

I’m including in my blog some of the Horsham businesses that we’ve used over the years and have served us well. I may even turn it into something of a directory for the town – ideas are evolving as I write!

So I’m starting with a review for a builder in Horsham who specialises in bigger projects like house building, home extensions, renovations, remodelling and complete refurbishments. They do also take on smaller jobs when time permits, but are experts in project-managing and bringing in experts where needed to get things done in a timely manner.

This construction company is called Horsham Building Contractors, which probably says it all. They are expert builders but also contractors, taking on additional specialists to put together the most complex of projects. So if you want a new house with all the latest energy-efficient devices, they can accommodate your requirements, from gadgets to entire smart homes, using the sun, wind and underground sources of heat to power your house.

A building company lives or dies by its reputation so before we chose HBC to do our work, we checked out their reviews and found them to be very good. We’d like to add our recommendation to their list as they did a great job and left the site clean and tidy, which doesn’t happen with every local builder we’ve used. Sometimes they do a good job but don’t come back for the final tidy, which is more than annoying.

Some builders depart half-way through a project to go and start on another job – in fact that seems very common. Perhaps is so that they can be sure the new job goes ahead because most people won’t swap builder once they’ve started and they’re guaranteed continuous work. But it’s very frustrating for customers because every job takes longer than anticipated. So we were pleased to find that Horsham Building Contractors didn’t abandon us part-way through the job but carried on to the end.

So this is builder we’d recommend for doing a good job, being on time and great work all round.