About CW6611

Our weather station was christened on October 9, 2006 to bring live weather, warnings and links to the residents and neighbors of Horsham Township. The station is comprised of a Davis ProVantage2 weather station, running VWS Software from Ambient Weather and WeatherLink from Davis Enterprises. All live weather data is updated every 5 seconds thanks to WeatherFlash software from Ambient Weather.

About Horsham

Horsham Township is named after the town of Horsham in Sussex County, England. Horsham is one of several townships in Montgomery County whose name and size were determined by master survey lines drawn by William Penn's engineers as they first plotted this part of the colony for sale and settlement. Parallel lines, projected at intervals of a mile and a half and extending in a northwesterly direction from settlements along the Deleware, served not only as base lines for measurement of individual land grants but also as courses for future highways. County Line Road, Horsham Road, and Welsh Road are examples of highways so laid out. The effect of these survey lines upon the development pattern of Eastern Montgomery County is very much in evidence today.

The above was taken from the Horsham Township Website.

About HorshamWeather.Com

Although originally designed for Weather Display Software, I spent countless hours changing tags to adapt to VWS Software with alot of help from Dave @ New Holland, PA Weather Please visit his site...its great.

About This Website

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